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Posted September 3, 2012 by in Uncategorized with 4 comments

I just returned from London where I directed and choreographed PROM 59:  The Broadway Sound for BBC Two.  I had a marvelous time creating a surprise finale number called “Tap Your Troubles Away” (from the musical, Mack and Mabel). It was a great, big, fun, old-fashioned tap extravaganza and I was fortunate enough to work with 14 fantastic young tappers who knocked it out of the park in only 3 rehearsals!  Leading them was the phenomenally talented Anna-Jane Casey.  She was a total star and a gift to me from the Musical Theater gods.   It was a televised event at The Royal Albert Hall – a gorgeous, 5,000 seat stadium.  Sadly, we in America can’t tune in to BBC Two due to BBC regulations.  But here is a short clip from YouTube that they have posted:

“Tap Your Troubles Away” – BBC Prom 59: The Broadway Sound

It was an absolute blast reuniting with a good friend and an incredible conductor, John Wilson.  He’s a majorly gifted talent and a lover of classic musicals.  A true genius.  Also… I got the chance to work with one of my all time favorite entertainers – the creator of “Family Guy”, Seth McFarlaine.  What a joy it was getting to work with him.  Hope to be able to do it again someday!


4 comments on “BBC PROMS”‎

  • Keith

    Just saw the BBC Prom number ‘Tap Your Troubles Away’. Absolutely brought the house down. Congratulations Josh, BTW the dancers were terrific too, never put a foot wrong.

    • josh

      Thanks so much, Keith! I had a blast with the show and the dancers did me so proud.

  • Jim

    Josh, only just connected your name with the fabulous “Tap Your Troubles Away” in last year’s BBC Prom. An absolutely brilliant, life-affirming 6 minutes, I keep going back to the clip to watch it.
    Thanks to all the dancers and musicians; the audience clearly loved it, too!

    • josh

      Thanks so much, Jim! It was a truly special evening, indeed!

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