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Posted October 3, 2012 by in Broadway Dance Lab

In honor of the 3rd day of the lab (also Oct 3) I began a 3rd dance.  Yet again, I was reminded of why this lab works.  Today, on the train, I got a yen to try something.  So I did.  I walked into rehearsal and after we had a brief warm-up I launched into the new idea.  Lo and behold… it may end up being one of my favorites.  We shall see.  The point is, the freedom I have to explore any idea at any time, in a proper space, with amazing dancers,  is leading me to create things I don’t believe I could have pre-planned.   I have the freedom to fail.  The freedom to scrap an idea.  Or the freedom to linger on an idea to my heart’s content.  The results of this freedom are amazing to experience.   I did a dreadful job of taking pictures today and my internet is giving me issues… so…. pictures to come tomorrow!



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