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Posted October 12, 2015 by in BDL News

challenge_changeLike many of you, I have a love-hate relationship with going to the gym.  Mostly hate.  But what I love is when I start to see progress, to feel stronger, to look better, to have more stamina, and to realize I can do things that I didn’t think I was capable of doing.  There’s a very common philosophy in personal training that in order to force our muscles to grow we must train them to failure.  I looked around me in my boxing class today and from what I could see through the sweat that had dripped into my eyes, no one there was even capable of completing the outrageous tasks our teacher was ordering us to attempt.  It’s as if the exercises he had chosen were designed to be impossible. And yet there we all were, struggling to do just one more push-up this time.  One more crunch.  One more squat.  The truth is, we all keep coming back to class because we know that today could be that breakthrough day if we just keep showing up and training to failure.  At the gym, the concept of failure takes on a whole new meaning.  At the gym, our failure is proof that we have tested our limits and grown.  But why do we really put ourselves through such agony?  Why bother working so hard to get healthier?  Because deep down we know that when we ourselves are stronger we are the able to offer those around us so much more.

Broadway Dance Lab is a creative gym for choreographers.  It is that place where they can safely push themselves artistically, fatigue and fail – then get back in the game and even surprise themselves with success on their very next try.  Just like we grow our muscles, so too must we grow our creativity.   The gym is just a building with weights but it is an invaluable resource to many looking to stay healthy or even change their lives completely.  BDL is a studio with dancers –  but equally invaluable to choreographers looking for a way to try the impossible, train to failure, and emerge changed, stronger and more confident than ever.  And it is with this newfound strength and confidence that these artists will venture out, ready to give audiences worldwide more than they ever thought they could.

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