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VIEWPOINTS with Tré Smith

Posted October 21, 2015 by in Uncategorized with one comment

Tré SmithOur Viewpoints series allows you to hear directly from our dancers as they blog about the process and experience of working with Broadway Dance Lab.

Tré Smith is a native of Charlotte, NC, and a graduate of the University of the Arts. He was a member of Eleone Dance Theatre, Complexions Contemporary Ballet and is currently a member of Camille A. Brown & Dancers. Additionally, Tré has performed with Pennsylvania Ballet, Ballet Noir, Waheed Works, Ballet Folkloric Di’Haiti, Collage Dance Collective and Amerca’s Got Talent. He has also assisted several major choreographers such as Desmond Richardson, Troy Powell, Ray Mercer and Camille A. Brown.


Starting week 5 of Cycle 3 is so exciting! Seeing how much we all have learned in the space about one another and ourselves is so special.

Day one with all the other Cycle 3 artists was an interesting experience. Sitting around hearing everyone’s background was truly inspirational.  The amount of exposure we’re gaining working with the choreographers is something we won’t forget.

When would we have this opportunity to work with 6 choreographers within an 8-week time frame? Each week we have to adapt to a new story, character, and still be able to produce great work.

Coming from a strong “concert dance” background, working with choreographers over the years has opened my eyes to many levels of exposure. I tend to consider myself a great listener and fast learner when it comes to adapting to a choreographer’s aesthetic, technique, and process. When I received this opportunity to join this cycle of Broadway Dance Lab, I was filled with so much anxiety. Because yes, I have auditioned for Broadway shows and assisted on some pre-production projects, but I never explored the area where the choreographer had the space and time to play with their ideas. That’s exactly what we are doing. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Being a dancer you have to always keep a broad open mind when it comes to process. The choreographer is depending on you and your choices to influence their visions. So I knew our job weighed heavily when working one on one with choreographers.  As we hit the midway mark of the BDL Cycle 3 experience I am very happy with how far we have come but so anxious to see what the weeks have to offer.


One comment on “VIEWPOINTS with Tré Smith”‎

  • Patricia Shaw

    SO SO proud of you, the sky is the limit.

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